We had the pleasure to work with Mr & Mrs Tilley at the end of last year to help them realise the dream of a contemporary extension of their home near Derby.  With the help from the Willowstone team and Mrs Tilleys beautiful interior design prowess they now have a versatile, modern, light and airy kitchen extension to their home. They took a moment in their gorgeous new space to answer a few questions for us that might be of interest to anyone planning a similar project or working with the Willowstone team.

What was the nature of your project?

To build a single storey extension with two sets of 3.5 metre Bi folds. This project would then create open plan living by incorporating the new extension and changing/merging the internal structure of our existing rooms. The open plan living now contains a modern kitchen, living, snug and dining area. Existing rooms have been changed to a home cinema, office and utility room.

Why did you want to embark on the project?

Space and light were our main reasons. We’re modern family with teenage children, therefore, space is critical to our families needs. We actually see them more now, instead of them disappearing to their rooms, they utilise all the space that has been created.

What made you choose Willowstone for your project?

Willowstone had previously carried out building works at our business and we were extremely happy with the service and all works were completed in a timely manner.

What were the team like to work with?

The team were hard working, dedicated and very tidy.

How smooth was the process working with Willowstone?

The process with Willowstone was smooth and products required we’re delivered very quickly not compromising the build.

Did any issues arise during the project and how helpful were Willowstone in overcoming these?

We discovered just before the build the house was timber frame. We appointed a Structural engineer recommended by Willowstone who solved the issues arising from this. This involved reviewing the opening sizes of the bifolds and nib depths. All ran smoothly in the end.

How was the communication with the team throughout the project?

Excellent any queries we had Willowstone answered almost immediately.

Every building project comes with an element of disruption, were Willowstone helpful in minimising this?

Any disruption was rectified and the team worked well together and independently. Every Friday the building area was kept tidy and clean ready for the weekend by the star that is Alison’s dad.

Did the progress and the quality of the workmanship live up to your expectations?

Yes and more, we now have a beautiful modern home with no compromises. The workmanship is of a very high standard and our product choices were of excellent quality.

Would you recommend Willowstone to anyone else looking to complete a building project?

Absolutely, they were a pleasure to work with and all project management flowed smoothly and on time.

Thank you to Mr & Mrs Tilley, we wish you many happy years enjoying your new space.

The Willowstone team

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