Homes under the Hammer

If you are a regular viewer of BBC One’s Homes Under the Hammer last week you would have seen Steve and I appear on the programme.

We were approached to go on the show after purchasing a plot of land for our latest development at auction in Derby. After initially laughing it off as a ridiculous idea some how we came round to the thinking that it would be an interesting life experience, one to tick off the bucket list, and the rest is history….One year later Steve went off to site, I locked myself cringing in the office and the episode played out on national TV…Gulp…

As with a lot of things you dread in  life it really wasn’t that bad, even our 8 year old said (in her relieved voice) that we didn’t really embarrass her at all! Although, I’m pleased she can’t lip read as I am pretty sure most of the comments made as we did a ‘casual walk into shot’ were not suitable for before the watershed viewing.

To celebrate our dip into show biz we are having some fun with a caption competition. For your chance to win a bottle of champagne, write your captions for the image below in the comment section of the blog. A winner will be chosen at the end of this month. Keep it friendly, keep it clean we are sensitive souls at Willowstone HQ.

(sorry over 18’s only).

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Good luck

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